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Determine the value of your property before you list it by working with an experienced real estate appraiser. At Davis Appraisal Service, we’re ready to help clients near Oak Ridge, TN, with their needs to make their lives easier.


Why Get an Appraisal?

If you’re working with an experienced real estate agent, then they’ll likely provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will use what other homes have sold for in the area to help you determine a listing price. That said, it can still be beneficial to work with an objective third party like a real estate appraiser since an appraisal can provide you with all sorts of advantages.

Getting a pre-listing appraisal can be valuable because:

  • It can be used to negotiate with a buyer.
  • It can help you find out what might lower the price of the property so you can address the issue.
  • It can decrease the chances of a sale falling through.
  • It can save time during the closing process.
  • It can help you list the property at a fair price.

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Our real estate appraisal service can help you get the information you need. In addition to handling your pre-listing house appraisal, we can also provide appraisals for buyers and even help sellers determine what improvements to make on their homes. If you’re looking for an experienced house appraiser near Oak Ridge, TN, then consider calling us.

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