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You don’t have to pay an unfair amount in property taxes. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough appraisal to help back up your property tax appeal.

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Do you believe you’re paying too much for your property taxes? If so, then get a property tax appeal appraisal from a professional near Oak Ridge, TN. At Davis Appraisal Service, we’re prepared to give you fair, unbiased appraisal services.


Understand Your Tax Appeal Appraisal

Your property taxes are based on how much your home is worth. Sometimes, your property may have been assessed at too high a price, which can result in you getting a notice that your taxes are rising. This issue can sometimes be resolved with a phone call to the county tax office, but other times, you may need a house value assessment to back up your assessment appeal.
That’s where we can assist you. We can provide you with property valuation services to help you get an accurate assessment of your property’s worth. In addition to providing you with a thorough appraisal report, we can testify in court should the need arise.

Please note that while we encourage you to do your own research, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice dictates that we are not allowed to take shortcuts—that is, use your research—during our appraisal. We will thoroughly go through your home ourselves so that we can provide you with more solid data to back up your appeal.

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